19.05.24  Reliving a Memory


The next Black Stars Falling album entitled

"Reliving a Memory"

is almost finished. More about it soon.

For a little teaser, please give it a listen on:


09.06.20  work is proceeding

As you might know, BSF started songwriting process again at the release of the last album. And now, exactly in this minute we have finished this process for next BlackStarsFalling output.

It was a beautiful moment to meet all the new melodies that was hanging out in the air and to put them down into the lines.

Looks like there will be some specials on the next BSF Album...but first step into next step is to find the right direction of words for all of that. Stay tuned;)

19.10.19  New man on bass

Hey Friends.
since we are back in songwriting mode, we check out some new possibilities to reach up the next level.

Most important is that we have an old new man on bass:)

Please welcome Christian on the five string deep tunes.

03.07.19  Update on Soundcloud

Have a look to our soundcloudpage, there are some new songs

BSF - Soundcloud

16.02.19  Black Stars Falling release on bandcamp

BlackstarsFalling release their new album on


Beside the digital version of the back catalogue there's an opportunity to get the limited editions of actual and past releases.
pls stay tuned for further updates of this;)

23.12.18  Album No.3 preview

Hiho Hiho

we wish you all a nice X-Mas time and some contemplative hours!! 

 Just in the case you get enough from big food, christmas oldies and Santa booze...please have a little look on our new teaser... there are some nice snapshots of Black Stars Falling 
new album, called:

 ~ No More Now and Never Forever~

 if this makes you hungry for more, order you copy with pm or send mail to [email protected]

Price is 10€ + shipping

BSF on Soundcloud

19.12.18  Album No.3 out and on sale

 Hey Friends
 Big News today:) 
 There's absolutely no way of finding words for that lucky moment but our third album called 
 ~No More Now and Never Forever~ 
 Of course it was a long and dusty road to that day. But as always it was worth every single moment and even when I knew what I will get this day, it was again this final moment when Mr. Postman rings the doorbell and I got heavy goosebumps.
 So... no more and long words: If you would like to find out what we want to tell you with our third album, pls don't hesitate to contact us here, on Facebook or mail(see below).
 Limited edition comes with 2 CDs and a stunning digipack design.The second CD is the whole set in instrumental version.
 Price:10€ plus shipping(paypal is welcome)
 For order please contact us via mail: [email protected] or send message.

13.12.18 News about album No.3

Hey Friends, since some weeks you find more and more hints of a little BlackStarsFalling happening.
 Now I may can tell you, the fog has cleared and a new album of Black Stars Falling is ready!
 For the illustration of our music it was again Caio Caldas from www.cadiesart.com who fullfilled our wishes to get an awesome cover artwork far above what we could imagine by ourselfs. It fits just perfectly to the soul and the secrets of each song.
So, after a long time when there was just silence around BSF, 
here are the news: 
BSF Album No. 3 is called:

 ~No More Now and Never Forever~

 Tracklist is:
 I. Mirrors
 II. Starships
 III. Elanor
 IV. Waiting for Yesterday
 V. Starless Days
 VI. A Feelings Place
 VII. Voices
 VIII. Digital Dust
 IX. HeartBeat Systems
 We will release it again in 6 page Digipack Format including all song as instrumental versions on disc II.
 pls stay tuned, just some few days left until lift off ^^
 -Cover artwork & packaging design by CadiesArt (www.CadiesArt.com)
-Band photography by Stefan Weber (www.facebook.com/gehaltene.momente)

24.10.18 Website Relaunch

BSF website is still back

BSF CD No. 3 in the making

BSF are still busy in creation of the next full length album. All recordings had been finished and now it's time to find a suitable sound and to prepare for release in late 2018.

Past News

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